The Shattered City


In a time long past most of the world was covered in a vast city, The Great City. That changed when the center of The Great City collapsed. Myth says it was an event of apocalyptic scale that claimed almost all of the populace of the greater races in less than a year. Although many died at the center of it all by the wave of magical energy at first, the real damage was caused by the changes caused by the tide of magic. Of all the thing that occurred, the stories say there were three great tragedies that caused The Great City, to shatter.


The first of these was the newly invigorated force of nature. The wilds began to reclaim the city. Growing over the buildings, people and roads in a matter of days. Animals became so changed that as they spread in to the city following the expanding border of the wilds they began to prey on the populace and some even ate the stone and metals that made the very city itself.


The second of these were the constructs. Machines powered and controlled by magic, broke their bonds and lashed out at their creators. Although mostly mindless many akin the actions of the constructs to those of wounded animals, attacking with abandon those that were to close or attempted to stop them from whatever goals their new minds set them to.


The final piece of the chaos that beset the people of the now Shattered City were the things that spilled forth from the teleportation gateways that made travel across the vast city easy. Other worldly creatures, and a new tide of magic wafted  from their far flung home and began to claim the new one as their own.


The people of the shattered city were able to survive the wave of change, although at great cost. Most of the populace retreated to the defendable locations within the city to escape the wilds, banding together to fight the constructs and close the teleportation network, cutting off any more advances from the Outerbeings. The Shards of civilization now cut off from one another, each Shard had to fend for itself and after a short time, the people of the once great city too became broken.


With the Wilds reclaiming the world around them but held at bay, the constructs mostly beaten and pushed away from the Shards, and all except a few of the Outerbeings gone, the Shards could finally attempt to rebuild. Many more years passed with little to no travel between the shards as traversing the Wilds was dangerous, until a group of mages built the Glitter Bridges. Vast bridges that spanned from shard to shard, using the ruins of the city and the wilds that claimed it as their very building blocks. These bridges reunited the shards, although the time needed to travel them was long, the way was open.


After some time of rebuilding the mages of the world were able to reopen the teleportation network. This was not well received but continued. Outerbeings were fought again, and beaten by the now hardened, and no longer battered shards. Although the use of teleportation is not widely spread due to the energy required to maintain the portals, it too made travel easier for those with the coin.


So the existing structures were improved. The bridges received attention and expansion. Small towns began setting up along the bridges, offering stops and trade for those who travel the bridges. The wilds were pushed back, and more wide spread cultivation could begin again. The ruins of the old city were cut free of the vegetation, removed and rebuilt. The people of the world could finally resettle and truly begin to rebuild.


This is the world you know today.

The Shattered City